Choosing Your Extensions


Our quick guide to getting it right...

Which Length Hair Extensions To Choose?

We are all different heights, so be sure to keep this in mind - a long hair extension length worn by one person may look short on another.

In order to ensure you make the right choice, here is how you measure up for each type of hair extension.

Full head hair extensions - Choose a length of hair extension - e.g: 16-18 inches. Now measure 16-18 inches from the top of your ear. This will give you an estimate as to where the ends of the extensions will reach.

Wrap Around Pony Tail - e.g: The 18-20 inch Ponytail. Put your own hair into a ponytail and simply measure 18-20 inches from the base of your ponytail.

The Hair Booty - The purpose of The Hair Booty is to add volume and height, generally it isn't used to add length so there isn't any need to check measurements.

Highlight & Blusher Wefts - Best to opt for the same length as the hair extensions you plan to use them with.

Layer Blending Wefts - Measure from your parting down.

Clip In Fringe - Our fringe comes in one length which is ready for your stylist to trim in order to perfectly match your face shape.


Which Shade Hair Extensions To Choose?

When selecting your shade, remember to take a look at your hair as a whole, but particularly focus on the mid-lengths downwards as this is where your clip ins will sit with your own hair.

If you’re between shades then going for the shade that’s a little lighter than your own hair can often be the best option.

We are always happy to help you match your shade, you can contact us on our Shade Match Page >


Which will work best - double, triple or quad?

The ideal scenario is to match the thickness of your hair extensions to the style you want to achieve.

BobbyGlam Full Head Hair Extensions are designed to be extremely discrete - in most cases the finest of hair types can use the thicker Quad Wefts.

It's worth noting that the Quad Wefts offer more options than the Double Wefts.  With the Quad wefts you can always wear less wefts for a more relaxed day time style.

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