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Products for Smooth Hair

15 April, 2014

Products for Smooth HairDo you spend your nights dreaming of smooth and soft locks but wake up in the morning with hair that resembles more of a birds’ nest? Then you definitely need to check out these products to get smooth hair! Read more…

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Bad Hairstyling Habits

03 April, 2014

Bad Hairstyling Habits


Whether it be real or clip in, Bobby Glam HQ is always willing to offer helpful tips for keeping your hair in spick and span condition. However, we have a sneaky feeling that some ladies are still battering their locks with some bad hair choices. Well, we say it’s time to kick yourselves into gear and ditch your bad hairstyling habits once and for all! Read more…

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The Reverse Hair-Washing TechniqueForget ‘lather, rinse, repeat’. In fact, forget everything you thought you knew about the hair-washing process. A new hair-cleansing era is here, heralded by the much-hyped reverse hair-washing technique! Intrigued? Then read on to find out how the reverse hair-washing technique could benefit your locks… Read more…

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Hair Products for Curly Hair

06 February, 2014

Hair Products for Curly HairIf the Fashion Week catwalks have taught us Bobby Glam girls anything, it’s that 2014 is the year of natural beauty – so we’ve decided to ditch the straighteners and embrace our God-given hair texture with these wonderfully pampering hair products for curly hair! Read more…

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How to Care for Dry Hair

04 February, 2014

How to Care for Dry HairWhat with heated styling tools, hair dye and even the atmospheric elements all contributing to dry hair problems, it’s easy to fall victim to parched, tired-out strands. Are your tresses looking a little the worse for wear? Never fear! Simply read on for our tips on how to care for dry hair and your locks will be looking perky again in no time! Read more…

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Hair Products for Fine Hair

29 January, 2014

Hair Products for Fine HairFine-haired ladies may naturally have more hairs on their heads than their thick-haired sisters, but nevertheless it can still be really difficult to get fine, resolutely flat locks to look plentiful! Read more…

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How to Wash Your Hair

27 January, 2014

How to Wash Your HairHair washing. We’ve all done it so many times, we tend to assume we’re total experts on the subject! But are we really using the best possible hair-washing technique on a daily basis? Read more…

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Shine Enhancing Hair ProductsHmph. What with yesterday being Blue Monday and all that, we Bobby Glam girls are already missing Christmas and all of its associated sparkly razzmatazz. Read more…

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How to Style Your Hair with Tigi Hair Care ProductsThe Tigi range: with so many products on offer, we can’t help but feel a little spoilt for choice! Read more…

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The Best Moisturising Hair CareHarsh, cold weather doesn’t only affect our skin, you know – it can be tough on hair, too. Could your locks do with a dose of hydration? Then check out our guide to the best moisturising hair care! Read more…

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