Brunette Hair Shades for 2014

03 February, 2014

Brunette Hair Shades for 2014Seeing as we brought you a selection of the new season’s most bang-on-trend blonde hair colours last week, today we thought it would only be fair to brief you all on the most lustworthy brunette hair shades we’re all going to be wearing in 2014!

So, whether you fancy giving your brown locks a spring/summer ‘14 twist, or whether you’re a fair-haired female looking to embrace the dark side, simply read on for the lowdown on our pick of the most hotly anticipated brunette hair shades for 2014.

Brunette hair shades for 2014: Rich chocolate

Brunette Hair Shades for 2014The perfect hair shade for blondes or mousy brown-haired ladies that want to dabble with a brand new brunette hair shade for 2014, this rich chocolate hair shade is a super soft, complexion-warming hair hue that looks fabulous when teamed with pale skin. Carey Mulligan and Elizabeth Olsen are two A-listers who have pulled off the blonde-to-brown transition with aplomb thanks to this ultra-flattering brunette hair shade, and natural brunette Alexa Chung has also been seen sporting a similar soft brown hair colour recently, too. We Bobby Glam girls are betting our bottom dollars that we’ll be seeing a lot more of this celeb-approved brunette hair shade as the year progresses!

Brunette hair shades for 2014: Monochromatic brown

Brunette Hair Shades for 2014Hair trend followers, ditch those highlights, stat! One of the most highly fashionable brunette hair shades for 2014 is set to be monochromatic, accent-less brown. The hair shade that most of us have always been told to avoid when dyeing our locks darker, flat brown is having a major fashion moment – just ask Katy Perry, Coco Rocha and Lea Michele! Not sure you can pull off the monochromatic look? Relax! Despite what we’ve always been told at the hairdresser’s, deep, dark brunette hair shades like these don’t actually need highlights to look gorgeously shimmery and defined – so there’s practically no reason not to experiment with monochrome this season!

Brunette hair shades for 2014: Icy brunette

Brunette Hair Shades for 2014It’s not only blonde hair hues that are getting a frosty makeover this season – it looks like brunette hair shades are reflecting the chilly weather by adopting a glistening, wintry glaze too! Celebrity icy tone enthusiasts include Mila Kunis, Alessandra Ambrosio and Zoe Saldana, all of whom have updated their brunette hair shades for 2014 by adding cool, almost metallic-looking highlights to their previously chestnut tresses. This brunette hair shade for 2014 comes with the added bonus that it’s highly flattering on most skin tones, too – so, no matter what kind of complexion you have, chances are icy brunette will suit you down to the ground!

Well, there you have it – our pick of the most fabulous brunette hair shades for 2014. Which one has caught your eye?

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