How to Apply Clip In Hair ExtensionsRecently invested in a set of our gorgeously thick Bobby Glam Hair Extensions? Congratulations! We commend you on your excellent choice. But if you’re new to the world of clip ins, it can take time to perfect your fitting technique. So, if you need some extra tips on how to make your extensions look more natural and less lopsided, don’t throw in the towel! Simply read on for our guide to how to apply clip in hair extensions!

How to Apply Clip In Hair ExtensionsFirst of all, you’ll need to refer to this handy illustration that comes nicely packaged up with our Bobby Glam Hair Extensions. This will provide you with a basic idea of where your extensions will need to be placed. Plus, it can prove very useful if you get lost halfway through the application process. Got your illustration at the ready? Then let’s begin!

How to apply clip in hair extensions: Step one

Start off by giving your own, natural tresses a good brush to ensure that they’re free from any extension-thwarting tangles. Beginning with nicely groomed hair will also allow your clip ins to blend much more seamlessly with your hair – so, no cutting corners, okay?

How to apply clip in hair extensions: Step two

Arm yourself with a tailcomb, and then section off a thin section of hair at the nape of your neck (in the same position as your fitting illustration depicts). Next, use a couple of sectioning clips to clip up the rest of your hair – you won’t want it getting in your way! Prepare weft number 1 for application by giving it a gentle brush, and then measure it against the sectioned-off hair to ensure it’s a perfect fit and won’t need repositioning. Ready to clip? Then find the centre of your head and clip the middle clip into your roots, before following up with the left and right-hand clips. If your hair is particularly thin or fine, give your roots a gentle backcomb before fitting the weft – this will give your clip in hair extensions more staying power.

How to apply clip in hair extensions: Step three

Now it’s time to release your clipped-up tresses and separate off another thin section of hair. This time, use the tops of your ears as a guide to ensure that this section ends up in the same place as shown in the illustration (just above weft number 1). When you’re happy with your positioning, simply follow the process outlined in step two to clip weft number 2 into its rightful place.

How to apply clip in hair extensions: Step four

When you’ve fitted weft number 2, free your clipped-up tresses once more and section off another thin piece of hair, this time about two inches from the crown of your head (check the illustration if you’re not sure). Again, use step two as a guide to how to insert your clip in hair extensions, but this time be aware that weft number 3 contains four clips. As such, you’ll need to find the centre of your head, and then clip both of the wefts’ middle clips in accordingly. Release your remaining clipped-up hair, and voilà – the fiddly back-of-the-head part is over!

How to apply clip in hair extensions: Step five

Now you’ve attached all three wefts at the back, it’s time to focus on the four remaining pieces that will sit on the sides of your head. Starting on the left side of your head, separate off a thin section of hair about two inches above your ear (as indicated by the lower lilac line on your fitting illustration). No measuring is required this time – just take weft 4L, brush it, and then fasten in the clip closest to your hairline first, followed by the other clip. Apply weft 5L in the same way, positioning it just above weft 4L.

How to apply clip in hair extensions: Step six

Now, all that remains in your ‘how to apply clip in hair extensions’ guide is to follow the process outlined in step five to apply wefts 6R and 7R to the right side of your head. Now you’ve had the left-hand side to practise on, this should be easy peasy! Once you have fitted all of your clip in hair extensions, give your newly volumised locks another gentle brush to help your extensions blend in with your natural tresses. And there you have it – perfectly applied hair extensions!

We hope our guide to how to apply clip in hair extensions helps you on your way to seamlessly blended, natural-looking, fabulously extension-plumped hair!

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