Rose Bun Hair Tutorial

07 August, 2013

Rose Bun Hair Tutorial

As you all know, Bobby Glam loves a pretty updo and this rose bun hair tutorial is no exception!

The rose but is a really cute way to dress up your top knot and to keep hair out of the way during the summer months. Plus it’s effortless to do and takes literally two minutes to perfect! Just check out our hair tutorial and guide below…

All you need for the rose bun hair tutorial is:

♥ A hair band

♥ A small hair elastic

♥ Bobby pins

Step One

The first step of the rose bun hair tutorial is to gather hair into a high ponytail and tie with a strong hair band. Feel free to use a brush to neaten the sides, as firstly we’re aiming to create a sleek, 90’s high ponytail.

Step Two

Flip your ponytail over to the front , split into three sections and plait a standard three strand braid all the way down the ponytail. Once you reach the end, tie the braid off with a small hair elastic.

Step Three

The next step is to create the rose bun. Take your braid and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, creating a bun as you go along. Once you have wrapped all the hair around, pin in place with a couple of bobby pins. Remember to tuck the ends of the ponytail in for a neat finish. Take as many bobby pins as you need to make sure that the bun stays in place and feels nice and secure.

Once you finish pinning, your rose bun has been created. How do you like to tie your hair in the summer? Let us know in the comment box below and remember to subscribe to the Bobby Glam channel for more bun hair tutorials♥

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