Upside Down French Braid Bun

22 January, 2013

upside down french braid bun

I love the added detail of the upside down french braid with a high bun…this makes a simple style a little more interesting. I also find it’s a great way of smoothing out any flyaway layers that normally need to be pinned up if you are wearing your hair up so high! So, this is how to complete your upside down french braid bun…

What you’ll need:

♥ Small Elastic

♥ Large Elastic

♥ Bobbypins

♥ Brush

Step One

If you are fitting your hair extensions for this look the best place to fit these higher than the crown of your head as the top of the wefts can be a little tricky to conceal under a braid. Start by flipping your head over as you will need to start the braid at the nape of the neck.

Step Two

Separate a small section of hair from at the nape of the neck…this section of hair will be the start of your braid. Split this into 3 and begin braiding.

Step Three

Now as you know with a french braid you need to add hair into a section from one side, then the next until you run out of hair to add in! You need to stop braiding as you reach the crown of your head as this is where your bun will sit. Secure your braid with an elastic.

Step Four

You now need to incorporate the front section of your hair that hasn’t been braided. Smooth this back and secure this and the hair from the end of your braid with another elastic.

Step Five

You now need to create your bun! I’ve gone for a Top Knot shape bun as I was doing this for the day time but this style looks amazing for a night out by making a large, super sleek bun by using a doughnut for added volume! Whichever look you’re going for you will need plenty of bobby pins to secure the bun.

And there we have the finished hairstyle. It can take a few goes at getting the braid right, as you can’t look to see what you’re doing with your head flipped over! but once mastered you’ll be able to do it in minutes! What do you think of the style? Will you be trying this out? We’d love to know your thoughst below or pop over t the YouTube channel and let us know there ♥


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