The Faux Bob Hair Tutorial

07 January, 2013


Faux bobThe faux bob hair tutorial is an awesome way of trying out a brand new style without the commitment of chopping off all your locks … although you can use your hair extensions whilst you’re growing it back out, it is a big step! My tutorial will show you the quickest way I have found of achieving this style!

For my faux bob hair tutorial you will need:

♥ Hair brush

♥ Hairspray

♥ Large barrelled tongs

♥Bobby pins … lots of!!!

Step One:

I find it so much easier to style this look when my hair has a curl to the ends … so begin with fitting your extensions, avoiding the bottom weft, and curl your hair as normal. I use the Babyliss Pro Curling Tongs 38mm!

Step Two:

Now you need to take your hair into small sections, I find 5 or 6 works best around the head, and just start rolling these from the bottom up! Once you have these at a height you are happy with, pin the rolled up hair to the hair underneath.

Step Three:

You need to repeat step two for all the small sections of hair. Once you have all your hair pinned up, you can ease the edges of the sections so they don’t look like sections!

Step Four:

If you have any shorter layers you can add some curl to these for a great look or as I have done with my longer fringe layers, twist these and pin them back. I’ve just pulled them straight back but I could have added a vintage feel by making a pin curl.

So there you have it … this look can be a huge change if you have long hair or if you can’t leave the house without your extensions! Adding in your hair extensions gives your faux bob loads of volume and bounce!

What do you think of this style? Will you be trying my faux bob hair tutorial? I hope so. I’d absolutely love to see your pics if you try it … pop along to the BG Facebook page and post your pics. ♥

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