Infinity Braid Hair Tutorial

12 November, 2012


Infinity Braid
This infinity braid hair tutorial is a super alternative if you’re not so good at normal braiding! It’s really quick and easy to learn too so be sure to give it a go my lovelies! ♥

What you will need:

♥Hair brush

♥Hair band

♥Bobby pins

♥Hair spray

Step One:

Brush all of your hair through to ensure knot free hair, and tie into a low side ponytail, securing in place with a hair band.

Step Two:

Split your hair into two equal sections. We will be braiding in a figure of eight motion so bear this in mind before the braiding begins! Take a section from the back of the right hand section, bring over the top of the right hand section and under the left hand section, take this back over the left hand section and back under the right hand section, keep repeating until you are left with around 2 inches of the small section.

Step Three:

Keeping hold of the small section of hair, pick up another piece of hair from the left hand side and intertwine the next section of hair with the small section you have left from step two. Repeat steps two and three and keep braiding until you are halfway down your ponytail, secure in place with a hair band to finish the infinity braid hair tutorial. (You can keep going to the ends if you prefer.)

Step Four:

Pull some pieces of hair down to frame your face and soften up the look too if you’d like!

Spritz over with your TIGI Massive Masterpiece hairspray and voila! Your infinity braid hair tutorial is complete! ♥

Super easy isn’t it?! Do you think it’s easier than normal braiding too? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or pop over to Facebook or Tumblr and let me know there. ♥


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  1. This was a really good video very self explanatory. I will try this and no questions for me. But I have a request for a curly up-do. One like you would wear at prom or at a ball, of that is possible would be much appreciated.

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