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This week I have a four strand braid hair tutorial to show you all. Braids are a super hot trend and I love this look as it’s so intricate, yet it’s really easy to do. This is a different take on the standard three strand braid we are all used to, it’s super easy to create so don’t be put off by the four strands!! The four strand braid is ideal for long to mid-length hair as this will add to the overall look of your braid. If you have shorter hair be sure to fit some extensions before hand to give you that extra length, focus fitting the extensions at the lower and middle sections of your head as this will help make the braid appear much thicker and fuller. Yaaay!

So let me show you lovelies how to achieve this look…

What you will need:

Hair brush

Hair band

Bobby Pins

Step One:

Brush all of your hair through to ensure knot free hair, this will make braiding and sectioning the hair much easier, so be sure to complete this step.

Step Two:

Once you have brushed all of your hair through and your extensions are fitted (if you need them), you then need to bring all of your hair over to one side. It is completely up to you which side you choose, I guess it’s down to personal preference but for this tutorial I will be braiding on the left side. :)

Step Three:

So now all of your hair is on your chosen side, gather all of your hair together and split into two equal sections, then split the two sections in half again so you are left with four sections. It is really important that you get these sections as equal as possible as this will ensure your braid looks super neat.

Step Four:

To help make this written tutorial a little easier we’re going to call the two sections at the back the outer sections and the two sections at the front the inner sections. So take the outer sections into your left hand and place the inner sections into your right hand before braiding begins.

Step Five:

Now we can begin to braid… You will start the four strand braid off using your left hand, taking the furthest outer section over the second outer section and under the inner section and back over the last inner section. (Remember I’m braiding on the left hand side). Push this up a little to ensure you’re starting off point is as perfect and as neat as can be!

Step Six:

You then simply carry on the process, taking the furthest inner section OVER one section and UNDER another, the outer section then continues, but is opposite – going UNDER one section and OVER another! Continue like this until you have reached the bottom of your hair or wherever you would like your four strand plait to finish. It’s entirely up to you!

Once you have finished braiding secure in place with a hair band and secure any flyaways or escaped hairs in place with some bobby pins. If you want to soften up your look bring some strands of hair down either side of your face and voila! Your four strand braid is complete!

This took me a couple of tries to get used to so don’t give up if you don’t get it first time around. I hope you like it, let me know what you think in the comments below or pop over to facebook or twitter and find me there :) xx P.S I’d love to see some pics of your four strand braids if you re-create this look!! :)

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