The quickest prom hairstyle of them all –

The braided bun.

What you will need:

♥ 3 hair bands: one thick band, two thin bands

♥ Styling comb

♥ Hair brush

♥ Hairspray

♥ Bobby pins

Step 1:

If you would like to add some extra root lift to your look beforehand, now is your chance; Brush through the whole of your hair using your hair brush. Then use your styling comb to backcomb the top section of your hair, starting from the back and working forwards (not forgetting a little of the sides too), spritzing with hairspray and leaving to dry. Smooth over using your hair brush and tie back into a high ponytail, securing with a thick hair band. If you don’t want extra oomph added, simply miss out this step and go straight into brushing through the hair and securing into a high ponytail with a thick hair band.

Step 2:

Now it’s time to split the ponytail into two separate sections to start your prom hairstyle, making sure they are equal in size. Tie one section of the hair with a thin hair band to keep it out of the way.

Step 3:

Move on to braiding the other section of hair, creating a simple three strand braid as the base for your braided bun. Braid right down to the ends of the hair and secure with a thin hair band. Repeat this step with the other section of hair.

Step 4:

You should be left with two pretty, three strand braids coming out of a high ponytail. Now you need to criss-cross the braids, so take the right braid under the left braid and wrap around the base of the bun as far as you can go, then secure in place with a bobby pin (tucking the ends of the hair away and hiding the bobby pin underneath the bun).

Step 5:

Now take the left braid and wrap it around the base of the bun, starting from the right side. Secure in place with a bobby pin, repeating the above step. :)

Step 6:

Finish off your braided bun prom hairstyle by spritzing some hairspray all over to hold in place, flatten and tuck away any wispy/layered hair ends that may make it look a little messy for the final look!

Voila! An easy peasy hairdo which makes you look and feel oh-so-elegant.
Will you be trying the braided bun as your own prom hairstyle? Tell us in the comments or post some pics on our Facebook wall. :)


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  1. I love this hairstyle! But I was wondering where you bought the dress at the one with the collar, it is ver beautiful and I wanted a similar style for my prom dress.

    • Hi Karina!

      So glad to hear that you love the style…My dress is from ASOS : )

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