As the final ever, EVER (emphasis on ever *cry*) Desperate Housewives was aired on Sunday in the UK (Americans we know you’re way ahead of us ;) ), we thought we’d do a little tribute to the ladies of Wisteria Lane with our favourite Desperate Housewives hairstyles. Ooooh we do love a tribute <3

Our all time favourite housewife has got to be the glam and gorgeous Gabrielle Solis — played by Eva Longoria — so we already kinda knew that she was going to have hair to die for!!
Throughout the years her Desperate Housewives hair style has changed with her character; we were used to seeing it a lot darker back in the day  — when she was having an affair with her HOT gardener (Jessie Metcalfe for those who don’t know ;) ) — it was pretty much almost black, but we still adored the shade on Gabby! It complimented her tanned complexion perfectly and ensured her hair looked as healthy as ever whilst also adding to her sultry look for the part in the show. Ohhh eeer good going Gabs! <3


Season 5 started off with a bang by showing the cast in the future; we saw Gabrielle Solis sporting a bob and we have to say that this was not one of our favourite Desperate Housewives hairstyles! We think it might just be the shock as we were so used to seeing Gabrielle with such luscious and glorious hair … and the bob didn’t give us this vibe!! Although we do like her bob when it’s got some added texture throughout it. :)

In the final season of Desperate Housewives, we saw Gabrielle Solis turn up the volume as she returned to our screens with voluptuous and glossy longer hair. YAAY! We LOVED the subtle lighter shade throughout her hair this time too, giving her a lovely caramel chocolate shade which we think is great for the summer months!


We are ACTUALLY with Gabrielle’s promo shot for Desperate Housewives; we’re especially loving the blonde subtle tones throughout the ends of her hair and the gorgeous length too!! What a look to end the series with! But we’re thinking she must have had a helping hand from some hair extensions to help create this look?! You know what to do if you want this look too then ladies ;) If its good enough for Gabby, it’s good enough for us! This has GOT to be our favourite Desperate Housewives hair style for Gabrielle Solis by a mile <3

Felicity Huffman, who played Lynette Scavo, is the only lady who represented the blondes of the world! And we think she did a darn good job! <3
We loved Lynette’s simple styling and the use of waves throughout the seasons. There hasn’t been much of a shade change for Lynette over the years, although she has experimented with different lengths for the show. She was also given a bob as a Desperate Housewives hairstyle, and although we weren’t keen on Gabby’s, we’ve got to say that we were quite a fan of Lynette’s ‘do! We were loving the layers and, of course, the curls! There’s nothing like a bit of texture to top off a look!


For the final season, Lynette had a little length which also worked to thicken up her hair, giving her gorgeous thick locks for the finale! We’re loving the shade too, the slight shadow underneath is becoming quite the trend and we’re love love LOVING it! <3

Another lady of Wisteria Lane whose hair was always styled to perfection without a hair out of place is….Bree Van De Kamp! Who else?!?
With her fiery and eye-catching hair shade, Bree was always on top form with the styling of her Desperate Houswives hairstyles; her hair always looked super thick and glossy no matter how she wore it too. Jealous much?!


Bree Van De Kamp, played by Marcia Cross, again kept styling simple throughout the seasons. Bree would often wear her hair super straight or opt for added texture with some curls throughout! We love both styles on Bree!


We’re absolutely loving her hair in the final promo shoot though; filled with curls and full of texture, Bree looks every inch the starlet and is rocking another of our favourite Desperate Housewives hairstyles <3 Thickness is most definitely key for this look, so get yourself some Quad Weft hair extensions to add a bit of Bree into your life!

Like the other housewives, Susan has also had her hair styled to almost a bob length. We do like the cut on this particular housewife, however we do prefer her with her longer tresses!


Once again, we’re loving the promo shot for Susan Mayer; with her hair full of curls and a lighter shade, she oozes sex appeal and we’ve begun to wonder whether curls were the specific look for this shoot? Hmm we think so, and we AH-DORE! <3

We can’t believe Desperate Housewives is over :’( boohoo! Is anyone else a little upset that DH has now finished? FOR.EVER. Who was your favourite housewife of all time? And which was your favourite Desperate Housewives hair style?  Let us know in the comments below or pop over to Facebook to tell us there. :)


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