Nicki Minaj is a celebrity who certainly doesn’t shy away from the limelight. She makes an appearance at many award shows and appears on stage rocking her own individual and kooky style!! Nicki Minaj’s hair is always a talking point as it is normally an accessory to her outfits.  It could be said that her hair sometimes looks as though numerous tins of paint have exploded on her with her exuberant and vibrant tones … but she never looks dull and always, always stands out from the crowd!

Nicki Minaj’s hair always looks amazing and has a tendency to be a variety of candy colours! We love how she changes the dip dyed shade frequently …usually to compliment her chosen outfit for the day (and what girl doesn’t want her hair to match her outfit?!)

We love Nicki Minaj’s hair prints too – she has been seen sporting leopard spots and camouflage!! These styles were an absolute shock to see at first as we had become used to seeing Ninki Minaj’s hair dip dyed in a rainbow of colours, but this was the start of a new trend!

Nicki Minaj’s hair on the red carpet always looks fabulous. She loves an updo and again these are usually OTT but we love her for it!

Keep the yummy hair coming Nicki!!


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  1. I curled my extensions like this and mine look amazing

  2. i love her hair soooo much i tried to get my hair like that but im puterican . and i got that good puterican hair .

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